Raison d’être

“There are no prizes for predicting the rain, only prizes for building the ark”
Don Beck, author of Spiral Dynamics – email communication

raison d’être of The Sustainability Thing is that we collectively, both globally and locally, are facing extraordinarily complex matters of concern: requiring of us different ways of working and being.

My name is Jenni Goricanec and I am searching for a new and very different form of “ark” to respond. Further I am asking others to join me on this search.

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Here i am again after a long pause…

sustaining futures are still on my mind but the nature of this for me has changed…I am now aware of the need for me to care for my father as well make changes in my personal circumstances to live a better life…so we are moving into an apartment that has more shared facilities, hoping for more interdependence…

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Learn about Synapse: Creating Connections Short Course

Series 3 - Slide8OASES June Breakfast – Connecting ways of knowing

OASES Graduate School Breakfast Series 2015

‘Aha’, the spark of enlightenment in a moment when everything makes sense! Such bridging moments were described by James Joyce as ‘aesthetic arrest’.

New predicaments need new responses. These come from accessing other parts of ourselves and from connecting science with spirituality through art and visual exploration.
Join us to explore the large scale context – climate and the links between ecosystems and social systems. We gather in a place of deep spiritual history where people have been exploring the aesthetic for more than thirty years to create bridges between ways of knowing.

Eleni Rivers is an artist, teacher and cultural creative. She has facilitated numerous individuals to access their innate creativity as a way to support innovation through courage, tenacity and flexibility.

Dr Jenni Goricanec works with others to enhance the sustainability of human systems. Her practice is to help people draw on their own ways of knowing by orienting them toward the “pull” of future intentions.

Join us for a delicious breakfast and a vibrant conversation

When: Saturday 6th June, 2015. 9:00-11:30am
Where: OASES, 2 Minona St, Hawthorn
Cost: $30/$20, includes presentation and vegetarian breakfast buffet with vegan & gluten free options.
Register: www.oases.edu.au/breakfast or call 03 9819 3502

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A short course – Synapse: Creating Connections

Synapse ImageSynapse – Creating Connections

An aesthetic experience is the spark of enlightenment or connection in an ‘aha’ moment when things make sense and everything becomes clear! Such a bridging moment has been described by James Joyce as ‘aesthetic arrest’.

This course will assist participants to create their own bridges between many and varied ways of knowing, crossing disciplinary divides between art, spirituality, religion and science.

Through a series of visual explorations, using a variety of materials and concepts, participants will become familiar with a connected approach to aesthetics by way of drawing, painting, experimenting and map making.

Entering into the aesthetic experience opens up creativity that will be brought into physical form, through individual and group projects. Shared portals create cultural connections across discipline, language and culture.

Dates: July 18-19, September 19-20.
Facilitators: Eleni Rivers and Dr Jenni Goricanec
Cost: $800
Location: OASES Graduate School
Register: http://www.oases.edu.au/synapse

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Climarte 2015

See the Climarte YouTube

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two different ways of working that we need to combine…

We need to combine different ways of doing things to navigate effectively in these uncertain times with for example climate change, environmental damage and the reactions of people to these changes – large scale movements of refugees: the planned ways of Western society based in scientific understanding together with its respective technologies and the deeper knowing of the lie of the land and sense of the context within which we are operating of the native. Continue reading

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Sustainability or the ability to sustain?

The word sustainability has the sense that there is an end point. If instead sustainability is changed into the phrase ‘the ability to sustain’ it becomes a capability. Some thing that we can work towards developing.

What is it though that we would sustain?
Does anyone have any thoughts?

Frank Fisher in his book of the title ResponsAbility is suggesting that we need to develop the ability to respond responsibly.

We need to develop human responsibilities alongside human rights. And it is not enough to have these rights and responsibilities at individual, group, nation or global levels but also for organisations of all kinds.

Further it would be more useful to work towards a more sustaining way of living rather than getting ourselves caught in the trap that we think we have already understood sustainability and don’t need to know more. There will always be more to be done, there is no end in sight in working towards a more sustainable way of living.

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The Empathic Civilisation

See this YouTube video – an insightful walk through history and some recognition of what could be – an empathic civilisation….happy viewing

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What has being female got to do with living sustainably?

This presentation draws on newer understandings of what it is to be female, particularly dealing with change and the different responses that women have in their ‘tool-kit’ – for example tend-and-befriend as well as fight-or-flight. In the presentation I have linked this to the need to respond to the emerging stressors in our society and world in a sustaining way. Females are by their nature and nurture better prepared for this task and I am calling on women to draw on this power to help out. Continue reading

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The Power of Networks

This is another RSA YouTube video about a change in scientific thinking that has occurred that requires a shift in the way we think about the world.

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Complex adaptive systems

I have been listening to part of a lunchtime session, here in Melbourne Australia, on ABC Classic FM with Paul Ehrlich and was re-minded of the importance of people understanding complex adaptive systems. Continue reading

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