Upcoming Short Course in Melbourne – A Practice That Sustains

About the A Practice that Sustains course:

This short course will provide you with an opportunity to not only reflect upon your present way of life, but also to envisage a future that is both feasible and desirable, and to plan for it to come into being. In creating your own future you cannot be told “who or “how to be”; you must “extract” this vision from your values, circumstances and personal knowledge.

Since “no learner is an island”, who and how you wish to be is best connected with a vision of a society worth living in. You will thus combine your own creative thought, investigation and work, with the collaborative “extraction” from shared situations, aspirations, visions of desirable and feasible futures of others and work to begin to realize these.

Practices explored are Emery’s Open Systems Thinking, Latour’s Philosophy of Science = “science in action” rather than “science as fact” and Actor-Network Theory (Latour, Law et al) for example. As we will be working on “things in process” Action Research applies. You will be encouraged to work with these practices in your life, in order to become proficient.

4-day Short Course at oases Graduate School

A Practice That Sustains Flyer 2012

Dates: Saturday April 14th; Friday May 4th; Sunday June 3rd; Saturday June 30th
Time:  8:30am to 5:30pm (1 hour lunch) each day
Cost:   $800, concession $600
Enrol: 03 9819 3502 or
Venue: Augustine Centre, 2 Minona Street Hawthorn, 3122 Melway Ref: 45, E11 (near Auburn & Glenferrie train stations)

About Jenni

I am interested in working with others to enhance the sustainability of human systems. My practice is to engage with people by drawing on their own ways of knowing and understanding. I orient people toward the “pull” of future intentions, rather than the blind "push" of past habits and "best practice". I encourage people to break out of their cognitive silos, to think laterally and to focus on the whole problem systemically in all its inter-disciplinary complexity. My practice works through the essential processes of innovation – mobilising resources, enrolling peers, engaging allies and building public support. This form of engineering practice is about manoeuvring, dissolving boundaries, always being in action, and recognising that function, congruence and transformation are emergent properties generated through active learning by doing.
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