Jenni GoricanecJenni Goricanec is interested in working with others to enhance the sustainability of human systems. Her practice is to engage with people by drawing on their own ways of knowing and understanding. She orients people toward the “pull” of future intentions, rather than the blind “push” of past habits and “best practice”.  She encourages people to break out of  their cognitive silos, to think laterally and to focus on the whole problem in all its inter-disciplinary complexity. Her practice works through the essential processes of innovation – mobilising resources, enrolling peers, engaging allies and building public support. This form of engineering is about manoeuvring, dissolving boundaries, always being in action, and recognising that function, congruence and transformation are emergent properties generated through active learning by doing.

More info about Jenni Goricanec in my profile at LinkedIn

Jenni Goricanec is Director of The^Innovation Practice. More info in My Practice.

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