a short presentation on personalising a global ethics…

I am undertaking a Certificate IV course in Training and Assessment. As part of this we had to prepare and present a short talk on a topic of our choice. This is mine on personalising a global ethics. Continue reading

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Responding to “The Long Death of Environmentalism”

You can read the speech “The Long Death of Environmentalism” written by Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger from the Breakthrough Institute, published 25th February 2011 by clicking on this link (it will open in a new tab).

Firstly, responding directly to the writing from the 2 from the breakthrough institute:

They make broad assertions with ‘over-the-top language’ e.g. ‘death of environmentalism’ – this is similar to the argument that they use about environmentalists…  Continue reading

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More reflections on sustainability events…

I have been to a session about sustainability for diverse communities. It seems that there is lots of work that has been/is going on around getting food (transport in food miles), water, energy and waste (generally but also of these items) through the GreenTown program. Examples are provided at Environment Victoria’s website. This parallels the wider community campaigns around these issues.

The themes that emerged for me from this work are training of community leaders and assessors, who provide assessments,  information, simple tools and some engagement. The recipients are gaining some understanding of some aspects of sustainability. They described quite good outcomes from this work (three times better than other programs). It is necessary to shift people somewhat though it is largely a one way interaction. Continue reading

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Climate Change Risk Knowledge & Communication

I am deeply concerned about Climate Change as part of the complex web of predicaments that humanity will increasingly have to face. It is this complexity, as well as the accelerating dynamics that make it difficult to provide simple, direct communications in the traditional form. Continue reading

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engaging in Trampoline on 16th April 2011

This post is a bit delayed as I have been to Lakes Entrance where we have been walking and enjoying the environment without the distractions of mobile, phones, email or the net, but I do want to document what happened for me from my “slot” at the Trampoline Day on the 16th April 2011. See more about Trampoline at http://trampolineday.com/

There is a video of the session at Trampoline’s VIMEO Account: http://www.vimeo.com/22644426 Continue reading

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what are we going to do about it?

I have been to the Sustainable Living Festival (SLF) over the weekend (promoting oases Graduate School). The SLF was a fabulous display of the energy and passion for the sorts of practices and solutions that may help to resolve our crisis of sustainability.

One of the stall holders though in her website makes the point that “(m)any of us are now switched into green habits” and then describes another green habit to switch on –  the payment of a fixed fee for enthusiastic community groups to plant trees to offset an average year’s carbon emissions. A great idea to make offsetting easy.

Despite though these great ideas being pursued by the individuals, groups and organisations at this festival the following questions emerged.

I would note though the answers to these questions suggest other alternatives that work alongside, are complementary to, the many and varied work that individuals, groups and organisations are doing in moving towards more sustainable living.

Continue reading

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Some thoughts on processes

This post is about the sorts of political and media processes that we have in place in Australia, and some alternatives.

How do citizens interact with our democracy? The majority vote for individuals that represent them every three or four years or in each of the upper and lower houses at Federal and State levels as well as councillors at Local Government levels (except where an administrator is in place). Most individual politicians are members of parties (Labour, Liberal, National, Coalition, Greens). Occasionally there is a referendum on some issue. Plus get to do Jury Duty every so often (on average ?)

The traditional Media  – newspapers, TV, radio – provide a channel for the communication of ideas but mainly one way. Though a limited number of people do interact via  letters to the editor.

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Raison d’être

“There are no prizes for predicting the rain, only prizes for building the ark”
Don Beck, author of Spiral Dynamics – email communication

raison d’être of The Sustainability Thing is that we collectively, both globally and locally, are facing extraordinarily complex matters of concern: requiring of us different ways of working and being.

My name is Jenni Goricanec and I am searching for a new and very different form of “ark” to respond. Further I am asking others to join me on this search.

For more information on this blog, click here.

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